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CBF-08H 3 in 1 Multifunctional Bladeless Air Purifying Cooling and Heating Fan

New Design Low Noise Safe Bladeless Fan with Air Purification Function
New Function!Can add APP
Electric Remote Control Air Purifier Circulating Bladeless Fan

Portable standing design: The town is cleverly designed and can be used at will in the live scene. The fan is compact, easy to store, and occupies a small area, which can meet your emission requirements in different spaces. It can be used as both a heater in the bedroom and a cooling purifier in the living room.

Touch Screen + Remote Control: Simple touch screen control, 12 gears wind speed can be adjusted freely, sleep timer mode, digital display.

Advantage of CBF-08H 3 in 1 Bladeless Air Purifying Cold And Hot Fan
Hidden bladeless purifying fan.
Exclusive leafless design, safe to use.
Double layer HEPA Filter, air purifying efficiency 99.5%.
Twelve gears speeds
Twelve hours timing.
Two thousand W heating, The whole house is heated by circulating air, and the body does not feel dry
DC motor Rated Power 33W for fan and air purifier, 2500W PTC heating for optional
Low noise, energy saving, and ECO-friendly.
UVC lamp beads improve the sterilization efficiency of the entire space, and the sterilization efficiency is 99.74%.
Wifi option.
Smart Operation: Remote control and APP control.

Technical Data of CBF-08C 2 in 1 Bladeless Air Purifying Cold Fan