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CBF-08C 60 Degrees Bladeless Electric Cooling Leafless Fan with 12 Speeds


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Application: In the office, family, dormitory, school, library, game room, or outdoor

1. This electric fan has a large wide Angle of 60 degrees, a soft air outlet, a wide range, and is very comfortable to use.
2. This bladeless electric fan has an intelligent memory function. When it is turned on, it keeps the last wind force and shakes its head to cool the whole room.
3. This electric fan produces natural wind, which makes the sound of operation very quiet and saves fussy ears from being disturbed.
4. Digital screen design can be remoted control can also be used regularly, the operation is very simple.
5. The bladeless fan design is very safe, even when the baby is nearby there is no risk of being injured by the fan blade.

Item: 3 in 1 Air Purifying Bladeless Fan and Heater
Voltage: 220V-240V,50/60Hz
Model No:(without heating) CBF-08C
Price FOB (Shanghai) USD 72USD
Rated Power for Heating of 2,000W optional upcost 15 USD
Color Black
Display LED display
Rated Power for Cool 33W
HEPA filter 99.50%
UVC killing Virus( such as H1N1,COVID-19) 99.74%
Noise(Low Speed) 35 dB(A)
Noise(Max Speed) 58 dB(A)
Remote Controller Yes
CADR 92.7m³/h
Timer 12 hours
Auto swing 60 degree from right to left
Net Weight 4.7 kgs
Gross weight 8 kgs
Body Size (mm) 1000*265*265
Package Size(mm) 1070*280*290
Loading Qty for 40ft HQ 693pcs
MOQ 693pcs